Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturing
Laying in Changjiang River Delta where the climate is pleasant and a large number of cheap labors gather, Veritas-MSI takes the niche advantages besides of advanced transportation connections to Ningbo Harbor and Free Trade Policy and marches on to the first-class manufacturing base.
Engineering Services
With the professional team and test loop, Veritas-MSI could provide complete after-sale service including FAT, site installation, SAT, commissioning and operation etc. We are trying to make the technical services more safe, reliable, efficient and eco-friendly for the oil and gas field.
Research & Development
Holding the ambition of self-innovation, we build and stabilize the relationship of “production-study-research” counting on talents and technology. Exploring to the subsea separation technique has challenged the domination from abroad and sewage purification together with sulfur recovery shows our will to make China greener and cleaner.
We integrate the design, procurement, construction, installation and commissioning for those projects such as surface facility engineering for small oil and gas field, supporting facilities construction for petro-chemical plants, offshore engineering, engineering design & consultancy, pollution detection and treatment etc.
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